Sour Berry Blue

1 g $18.001/8 oz $60.001/4 oz $115.001/2 oz $225.001 oz $430.00

If you’re looking for the best of Alpha Blue, enhanced by luscious berry sweetness, then this might be your new  Farm favorite. They’ve paired up Alpha Blue, their  High Time Cannabis Cup award winner, with their heavenly-sent Sour Strawberry.

Expect mind-numbing, delicious aromas and flavors, reminiscent of strawberry confections and tropical fruit cocktails. This new craft cannabis strain from The Farm Genetics is sure to let your mind float off into tropical euphoria.   It gives off a very uplifting and euphoric high. The same feeling one gets when eating their favorite berry confectionery.

THC 20%-26.5%
Flavors, ,
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